Sergio Chaves

Illustrator and visual artist. After many years as a draftsman and animator for the advertising industry, Sergio is expanding his body of work into illustration and visual development for children-oriented contents (for small and big children too). His artwork has been featured in specialized magazines and shows in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Spain, and reviewed in online illustration media.


While his paintings have awarded him several recognitions, like an invitation to the “Winter Workshop” of the TAD (The Art Department) in Kansas City, US and First Place at the recent “Salón Visual Bacánika 2014” (Bacánika Visual Expo) by Bacánika Magazine, amongst others, his illustrations have appeared in educational and news publications for both public and private companies like Maloka Centro Interactivo (Maloka Interactive Center, Colombia's foremost science museum) and Casa Editorial El Tiempo, as well as in nationally awarded projects, like his artworks for transmedia project Butrón, cuentos para niños con barba, created by David Rios. His visual development for advertising has appeared in campaigns for clients like Ford, Coca-Cola, Visa, and many other world renowned brands.


With a highly developed discourse on color and light and broad experience in digital illustration, his creative works for personal and commercial assignments go along with teaching and curatorial activity, being one of the curators for the Exposition Arte Digital, Colombia en pixeles (Digital art: Colombia in Pixels).